Dr. Marco Morosini is senior scientist in Sustainability Research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. He is an article, book, radio, theater and television author.

Born in Milan in 1952, educated in Italy and Germany, Morosini teaches in the course Cases in Environmental Policy and Decision Making in the Department of Environmental Systems Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. Since 2001 he works on indicator systems of sustainable development at ETH, where he was guest professor in 2003-2004 with the course "Environmental Indicators and Sustainable Development" (in German).

ETH Zurich called Morosini in 2001 as expert in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology to take part in the "PRECAUPRI" Project of the European Commission resumed in "Precautionary Risk Appraisal and Management: an orientation for meeting the precautionary principle in the European Union". Together with Dr. Ulrich Müller-Herold he helped to develop a tool for ex-ante calulation of the pontential of organic xenobiotics for being a global risk(2001-2005).

At the Centre of Technology Assessment in Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Morosini directed the Project "Relevance of environmental Indicators", whose report "Environmental Indicators" was published in three bands, available for download, in German (1998-2002).

At the Univerities of Milan, Siena (Italy) and Ulm (Germany) Morosini proposed and co-founded the "Working Group on Pollution in Remote Areas", contributing to measure the baseline chemical contamination in the oceans, the high mountains, the polar regions and other areas remote from intense anthropisation.

In 1983-1985 Morosini conceived and lead a sail-and-climb expedition to he Antarctic peninsula with the SY Basile, during which traces of organochlorinated xenobiotics (DDT, HCH, HCB, PCB and others) were discovered for the first time in the antarctic flora.

In 1988-1989 two sail-and-climb expeditions to the Antarctic peninsula and to South Georgia with the SY Pelagic were organized by Skip Novak and Morosini, confirming and extending the contamination data collected in 1984.

Together with Dr. Wolfgang Sachs, Morosini co-edited "Futuro sostenibile – Le risposte eco-sociali alle crisi in Europa" (2011), the Italian version of the Wuppertal Institute study "Zukunftsfähiges Deutschland in einer globalisierten Welt"(2008).

In 1998 Morosini edited "Futuro sostenibile - Riconversione ecologica - Nord Sud - Nuovi stili di vita " the Italian version of "Greening the North - A Post-Industrial Blueprint for Ecology and Equity", the previous seminal study of Wolfgang Sachs and the Wuppertal Insitute, prefaced by economist Jeremy Rifkin.

In November 2010 Morosini was co-author of "Watt-U-Know – Instant Quantitative Energy Awareness", an ETH-Ecoworks-Project in Zurich, for stimulating energy awarness of staff and students at ETH – and beyond.

At ETH Zurich Morosini was in the editing staff of "Environmental Literacy in Science and Society" (2011), the seminal book of Dr. Roland Scholz and his team.

In 2006 Morosini authored a column in the "Ethical living" section of the Italian news magazine Internazionale. He is official online contributor to The Huffington Post in USA, UK and Germany, Our World (United Nations University), (University of Oxford).

His articles have been published in scientific journals and leading newspapers in Europe: Liberation, Le Monde, Courrier International, Mediapart, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Basler Zeitung, Wochenzeitung,, Tageszeitung, Avvenire, Aggiornamenti sociali, Internazionale.

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